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The Cookus Cupboard Baking Essentials

(Jane's sweet on trees & bees, vanilla & Phil)
Are you ready to bake?  Jane will help you gather the ingredients you need to make sweet treats for your family.

The Cookus Cupboard: Beans and Soyfoods

(Jane helps herself)
Keep your pantry stocked with versatile, economical beans.  If you make a pledge to eat vegetarian meals a few times a week, beans and soyfoods are the perfect protein.  Cynthia shows you how to purchase and store  while Jane prepares for a glove exchange.

The Cookus Cupboard: Fats, Oils and Vinegars

(Steve grills Phil)
Here's a list of fats and oils that provide the highest quality cooking experience (best flavor too!) brought to you by Steve.

The Cookus Cupboard: Herbs and Spices

(Jane has a spicy encounter)
Want a list of basic fresh herbs and dry spices to keep on hand?  Make your life easier, save money and shop with Jane.  She'll spell out the flavor boosters you need to stock up on and show you how to store fresh herbs so they last. Watch out for those peppercorns.  Like Cupid's arrows.

The Cookus Cupboard: Nuts and Dried Fruit

(Nutty girl seeks check-out boy.)
Nuts and seeds have provided solid, whole foods nourishment to humans for thousands of years - maybe millions.  The fats in nuts and seeds are excellent for the brain and the body.  Stock up on these pantry items so you can make favorite Cookus recipes.

The Cookus Cupboard: Whole grains and flours

(Field trip!!!)
Cynthia gives you a starter shopping list for whole grains and flours, shows you how easy it is to buy in bulk and how to have meaningful conversations with the check-out guy.

Why Use Sea Salt?

(Steve asks some granular questions)
Find out how to identify a high-quality salt and start adding valuable trace minerals to your food.