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Comments about Cynthia's Lectures & Classes

"Cynthia must have a great time in life, because she radiated so much joy, excitement and passion in the class she taught. She loves food and she inspired myself and many others in the class to be creative, adventurous and playful while cooking. She is immensely knowledgeable about nutrition, food preparation, and healthy living. I highly recommend any class she teaches. She is entertaining, engaging, and just an all around great person to work with."
--Michael Byrne, N.D.

Thank you so much for the presentation yesterday - I thought it was wonderful and I received many compliments. You have a real gift for communicating your passion for "real food" and I think you inspired a few of us yesterday. You certainly got us thinking - I have never seen such concentration on a message (by my staff)!
--Eric Boutin, Director, Child Nutrition Services, Auburn School District

"Finally! Someone has unlocked the mystery of this critical aspect of athletic performance. Ms. Lair practically assimilates the principles of exercise science and sports nutrition with the soccer-specific demands of training, matches, and tournaments in terms that the average soccer mom, team manager, and coach can easily follow. Tons of practical tips and easy-to-follow meal plans and guidelines make this a must-have for any team, coach, or parent - a truly outstanding effort and the highlight of the 2005 NSCAA Convention!"
--John T.H. Germanos, Technical Director for Neighborhood Youth Soccer League (NYSL)

"Cynthia Lair is a dynamic and knowledgeable speaker, who offers very practical food preparation tips and great insights on the value of eating whole foods. As the Spring 2005 Healthy Aging Lecturer for the de Tornyay Center for Healthy Aging at the University of Washington School of Nursing, Ms. Lair's talk on "Whole Foods and Healthy Aging: How to be a Pickle and Get Livelier with Age" was both well-attended and inspiring!
--Ruth Cochrane, Director of the de Tornyay Center for Healthy Aging at the University of Washington School of Nursing