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Nutrition Unplugged
opinions, musings and discussion about nutrition, food trends, diet myths, new products and fad-free healthy eating (yea!).

Environmental Working Groups Food Guide
This is where you can find the dirty dozen list (foods you should definitely purchase organic) and other helpful information. Downloadable wallet guide here.

SuperConsciousness Magazine
Cynthia is proud to be a contributing editor for this very unique magazine.  Spiritual knowledge, self-awareness and ultimately
self responsibility is infused into whatever topic they delve into.  Ms. Lair has begun penning a series of articles on the Now of Cooking.

National Center for Home Food Preservation
One-stop shopping for all the how-to's of canning, freezing, smoking curing, fermenting. pickling, curing.

Better School Food
BSF is composed of health professionals, educators and concerned parents. Their mission is to support parents and others in advocating for a better food environment wherever kids meet and eat.

Marion Nestle's Blog
Marion has her finger on the pulse of everything to do with food consumerism.  She is the maven of food politics and a watchdog of food research.  Marion also has a very approachable style and boodles of common sense.  

101 Cookbooks
Heidi Swanson's is the author of Super Natural Cooking. Her site can be summed up in two sentences: When you own over 100 cookbooks, it is time to stop buying, and start cooking. This site chronicles a cookbook collection, one recipe at a time. 

Buying Local

Local Harvest
How to find a local farmer's market or community supported agriculture (CSA) farm in your area.

Eat Wild
How to find local grass-fed food such as eggs, dairy and meat.

Eat Well Guide
Finding good food.  Local. Sustainable. Organic.

Puget Sound Fresh

How to find local food vendors in the Puget Sound Area.

Find High-Quality Foods

PCC (Puget Consumers Coop)
A chain of conscientious natural foods grocery stores in the greater Seattle area that provide customers with excellent fresh, local, organic products.

Monterey Bay Aquarium
Information about which fish are being caught or raised sustainably with their Seafood Watch guide.

Grain and Salt Society
Provides high-quality Celtic sea salt and other excellent products.

Whole Foods
A national chain of exceptional-quality natural foods grocery stores.  Find out if there's a store near you.

Food Schools

Quillisascut Farm

The ultimate farm school experience.  Milk goats and make cheese, visit bees, take goat, duck and chicken from start to finish. Attending Rick and Lora Lea's amazing summer school will change your life.

Bastyr University

The only fully-accredited school of natural medicine offering degrees in naturopathic medicine, acupuncture and oriental medicine and nutrition, now offering a Bachelor's degree in Nutrition and Culinary Arts.  Located in Bothell, Washington.

The Wellspring

Located in Boise, Idaho, the Wellspring School for Healing Arts offer apprentice-style training and superior education in holistic healthcare.  One of their specialties is training practitioners in Amma Bodywork Therapy,an integrative and unique approach to body work uniting body and mind.

PCC Cooks!
Excellent gourmet and everyday whole foods cooking classes offered in the Seattle, WA area.  Ms. Lair has been an instructor for PCC (Puget Consumer's Coop) since 1990.

The Natural Gourmet Cookery School
Culinary arts training using whole, natural foods.  Offering public classes in healthy cooking and a Chef's Training Program for those interested  in careers in the natural foods industry.  Founded by Annemarie Colbin, located in New York City.