Cookus Interruptus - How to Cook Healthy Food Videos
how to cook fresh local organic foods
despite life's interruptions

cookus cast & crew

Brad Huskinson (director)
Director of commercial & corporate films and videos; photographer.

Cynthia Lair (Cynthia Lair) Cynthia's busy.
Author, faculty member (Bastyr), speaker, actress, improv artist.

Matt Smith (Steve) Learn more about Matt
Auctioneer, solo performer, actor, corporate trainer, improv teacher.

Bhama Roget (Jane) Bhama acts
Actor, comedienne, voice talent, improv artist, chanteuse.

Frank Buxton (Ward) learn about Frank
Actor, writer, director, improv ace, voices to order

Troy Mink (Darrell)
Actor, improv artist, teacher, Carlotta Philpott

Derek Kavan (Phil) Unexpected Productions
Actor, improv artist, teacher

Jamie Lopez (manager) The Actors Group
Represents actors, authors, TV personalities, voice talents, auctioneers and writers.

Nick Kolias (sound guy) Fat Frog Pro Audio
Makes you look good.

Steve Harris (location audio) VidProCo
What, what, speak up please!

Nick Eaton (cameraman) Find out about Nick.
Multi-media producer, journalist, writer, musician

Shelley Clark (make up/stylist)
She makes everybody look marvelous!

Patrice Savery (Food Prep Mistress)
She's a real cut up.

Paul Hiraga (composer) Downpilot
musician, composer

Hang Wire (web designers) Hang Wire
They know how to do the bossanova.

Nora (Ginger)
The family Airedale