Cookus Interruptus - How to Cook Healthy Food Videos
how to cook fresh local organic foods
despite life's interruptions

back story

Cynthia is a fresh local organic nutrition educator  and cookbook author.  She lives with her husband of 25 years, Steve.  Shortly before the economic crisis he decided to cut the umbilical paycheck and go free-lance.  Their daughter Jane, has moved back into the nest with her 5-year-old son Joaquin in tow.  She doesn't have a job yet but dreams of her band making it big.  Or maybe just getting a catering job.  Keeps things lively.  Recently Steve's dad, Ward, came for a visit.  He doesn't like to be alone and his wife Doris seems to be on an extended vacation.  We're not sure where Steve's friend Darrell lives.  At least he can fix things.

So without a steady stream of income and more mouths to feed, Cynthia agreed to do a web cooking show in her home.  Family life proceeds as usual during shooting, sometimes Steve, Jane, Ward or Darrell pitch in but mostly they interrupt.  There's not much money in the mattress (or the 401K) but they're saving the world, one recipe at a time.  And around the house, both the plot and the sauce thicken.